Image development for the third version of PANORAMA COLOMBIA - Colombian film festival Berlin. Screen and print design for the event and related events (Corporate design, promotional printed kits with poster, flyer, festival catalog, website and social media design).

The concept for this version of the Filmfest makes use of old botanical illustrations with endemic species of the colombian territory. The logotype for this edition is a redesigned version in terms of typography and horizontal composition. Still the symbol of the Phyllobates terribilis is retained. For the open call 2018 this palette is modified, although keeping the same layout principles, elements and morphology of the 2017 version.
Official poster for the PCB2017
Alternative version of the PCB2017 poster. The color configuration will be used for different applications in screen and print media. Below the flyer and business cards for this version of the festival are to be seen.
Film festival's website available under
Official Programme PCB2017 in
Motion Graphics for cinema developed by Leo Rey
User Interface Design Concept for an Android-native App of the film festival.
The communicational concept of the film festival in 2017 was also the main subject of my master thesis at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin (University of Applied Sciences Berlin). This is the Master thesis presentation, keeping naturally the same layout and CI of the whole project.
Thanks a lot to a great teamwork and looking forward the next year!
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