Image development for the fifth version of PANORAMA COLOMBIA - Colombian film festival Berlin, from 14th til 17th of March 2019 in Babylon (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz). Screen and print design for the event and related events (Corporate design, promotional printed kits with poster, flyer, festival catalog, website and social media design).

For this version of the festival the visual communication was designed around the concept of a light in the darkness. This is due to the difficult situation of the political and public situation of many colombian social leaders which have been murdered for speaking out loud. In response, the current government denies the statistics, and doesn't want to face the humanitarian crisis on the land.

There is creativity in these dark times. There is power in the colombian cinema production and the critic views shown in it. There are lives and people who cannot be forgotten and cannot be obliterated in vain anymore. There must be a light in the dark.
Official PCB2019 poster.
Motion Graphics for cinema developed by Leo Rey
Official Program PCB2019 in
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