Design and media management for PANORAMA COLOMBIA - Colombian film festival Berlin, from 20th til 23rd of March 2020 in Babylon (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz). Screen and print design for the event and related events (Corporate design, promotional printed kits with poster and flyer, website and social media design).

At the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 in the big cities of Colombia there was a visible social movilization tired of the government corruption, the sabotage of the peace process, and the killing of social leaders all across the land. People were angry and went out on the street to let know their disagreement. At the same time, the oficial response of the government was to ignore these claims, and develop their own agenda, looking forward supporting the same views and enforcing repressive measures against the peaceful demonstrations. During this time was also announced the launching of the so called "orange economy" (economía naranja), which focus was to establish and support the development of digital entrepenurships and endevours of small to middle ranged companies and start-ups.

The design layout for this year puts together these elements literally in contrast, being an invitation to reflect on the current situation of a rich and amazing country with complex issues on a political, a structural and a moral level. The typography change also follows up a conscious decision of making a bold statement about the state of things we cannot and should not tolerate anymore.

Due to the rise of the corona pandemic in March 2020, the event was postponed until the conditions for social gatherings in Germany improve.
Symbol redraw and simplification.
Official PCB2020 poster.
Official PCB2020 flyer ( front and back).
Official PCB2020 website (Homepage on desktop version).
Official PCB2020 website (Loading screen, Homepage and Film layout on mobile version).
Film promotional posts for social media advertising (Facebook / Instagram).
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